Sunday, January 27, 2008

US Presidential Run

OBAMA has won big in South Caroline over H. Clinton due to the great support from black voters. Now will the White then turn to Clinton? God konws but surely this is a great battle.
Now the interesting part is John Edwards, he is not quitting and still getting votes.
If this tight spread game continues then JE will become the biggest winner in this game because if one day he decide not to run for president then his vote can be given to either of the candidate and he will be able to benefit massively from this bargain.

So being number 3 is not always bad when you decision can be influential when you decide to join forces with no. 1 or no. 2.

Number 3 is worth working towards.

Corner Stone Investor

Today's big headline is how much corner stone investor is losing money from lats year IPO. Even though these 'big people' were given discount on their subscription yet due to the market downturn in recent money and the 'lock up period' YTD the performance on some of their IPO is performing negatively. All of a sudden i realize how these investor can hedge their lost from these shaky IPO and that is through the issuing of WARRANTS. It's ISSUING. No wonder you can have more then 40 warrants out on the first day of listing. People are just hedging. What a tricky game to play.

Monday, May 14, 2007

14th May 2007 - The big Rally

" 港股推介

With the NEWS of China loosen up QDII, HKEX immediately shoot 500pts in 1 day. More to that was the trading vol. it reached to almost 100 Bil closing at 94.99 Bil.

Investors are trading like mad here. Not only institutional but also retail.

However, looking back on last fri. HKEX was down almost 300 pts due to poor U.S. data.

As much as we anticipate the slow down in U.S. and big correction from CHINA ( due to massive over buy. ) funds are coming into the market and retail are not afraid to participate.

What is the fundamental of the equity market? Companies performances or market momentum?

There are always reasons to trade UP and DOWN the market.
ie. bad economic data, analyst anticipate Rate Cut.

So, how do you invest in such a market?

To profit from the market, not to miss any chance of BIG rally and not to loose it all at the end of the day ( though, when is the end of the day? )

388 a HKD 94 Bil shoot up 10% in 1 day. 52 wks raging from $42 ~ $92

Who has the liquidity to do this? and how does these people manage to profit from it?